jardim manutencao

Plantas e Flores

Plantar flores tendo em atenção o ambiente que as vai rodear, o clima do local e as diversas estações de modo a que o jardim mantenha a sua beleza ao longo de todo o ano. A inclusão de relva em locais de passagem, a inclusão de plantas aromáticas podem transformar por completo um jardim. Actuamos na melhoria de jardins existentes. mantemos e renovamos ao longo do ano para que tenha uma jardim sempre agradável. Criamos acabamentos que podem transformar uma área plana e sem interesse, num local onde se pode relaxar. A informalidade do jardim da casa de campo e a atmosfera selvagem de um jardim silvestre podem-se conseguir com um conjunto de plantas conjugadas com o espaço.


As piscinas em madeira constituem um óptimo elemento decorativo para espaços reduzidos, terraços, espaços interiores e pequenos quintais.

Landscape ideas you will love

The exterior and surrounding of your house is as much important as its interior, because you will feel invited when you see an incredible and beautiful garden and different colored flowers set perfectly together. In order to have a great view from your kitchen or living room, you don't have to live next to sea or in nature, you can make nature come to your house.

One of the best and easiest ways to get a beautiful garden or backyard is to hire a professional landscaper. He or she will know how to make the best out of your space, what to put where and how to organize everything so that it looks the best way possible. There are also flowers and plants that like more sunlight or shadow, so that it is hard to do the best out of what you have if you are not a professional. But in case you don't have money to pay for a professional landscaper but still want a stunning backyard, than you will need to work on it by yourself. Consider yourself a lucky person, because here you can find a few tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your garden.

Creating a garden of your dream

The first thing you will need to do is to plan everything out: what do you need your garden for, do you want it to just look beautiful or do you spend also time there drinking coffee and do you need also a place where your children can play. Plan also to get down from Camplace, because you will need a lot time for your garden. Considering all that and the space you have, make an overall idea of what it can look like. Think about how the sun goes by and, if you want to put a table there than plan how to make some shadow, so you can sit there even when it's hot outside.

Never make straight lines, always do it curvy, because it will look more natural that way, if you love stones than you can make a mold out of some hard and thick material like hard Styrofoam, buy cement and make your own concrete stones. You can paint them before they harden, that way the color will stay there as long as the stones stay. Combine flowers of different colors - blue, white, yellow, red - all can be great, but don't make it to colorful. Plant some trees, but make sure they don't throw shade on your flowers, because most of them like sunshine. If you love roses than don't buy too many, they are quite expensive. After a year you will be able to cut them and make a lot more out of those you bought, and to make sure they all grow, plant them in potatoes.

Buy in phases, because you can change your mind once you see your plan in real life and consider talking to a pro, because 50 or 100 dollars for an hour or two will be much less than the money you could spend on nothing if you make mistakes. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better, make a budget and spend according to how much you have. Your garden will look beautiful, for sure, only if you put enough work in it.